My Cycling/PMC Related Info

Welcome to my cycling / PMC archives. As you'll notice, most of this is PMC-centric. Why? Well, I started my PMC journey in 1989 and I've been actively riding it every year since. I didn't start putting content online till about the year 2000 as the internet wasn't alive when I started the PMC.

While it looks like my only cycling activity is PMC related, that's not the case. I am an avid cyclist and the PMC happens to be the big charity that I talk about. I've been involved in the Cycle For Life (formerly Cycle For Haylee) supporting Cystic Fibrosis as well as "The Last Gasp" that takes place on Cape Cod to raise money for "Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod".

This page contains links to my past cycling related events. And yes, most of them are PMC related as that's what has gotten the bulk of my attention when it comes to cycling related charities and fundraising.